Take a scenic day trip to Isle Royale National Park!

The Grand Protage Isle Royale Transportation Line offers day trips to the island aboard the "Sea Hunter III  We depart at 8:30 am from Grand Portage, MN, the boat passes and pauses at several points of interest, including the Witch Tree, the sunken steamer America, and Rock of Ages Lighthouse, along the way out and back from Isle Royale allowing time for photos and viewing. We get to the island around 10:00 am, you will spend 4 hours on the island, the park staff then takes over. They welcome you to take part in planned activities including guided hikes and programs, or you can plan your own stay, with a hike, having a picnic lunch, getting a sandwich and drink from the Windigo Store or just relaxing at the visitor center, boat dock and Windigo area. Then reboard for a 2:00 pm departure back to Grand Portage, we get back around 3:30 pm leaving plenty of time to visit other places of interest in Grand Portage or get to your next destination. The water temps on the big lake seldom get over 50 degrees so it can be cool on the lake, we strongly suggest dressing in layers and don't forget raingear for the occasional rain shower or wind blown spray from the boat.

The tour includes:
  • The Little Spirit Cedar Tree: Over 400 years old, the ancient cedar tree was believed by the Chippewa to have the power to protect and calm the waters of Lake Superior during travels. It was customary for small gifts to be left for the tree as a protective measure before trips on the Lake.

  • The Suzie Islands: A favored nesting site for sea gulls and cormorants, the Suzie Islands are a small island chain near Grand Portage. The beauty of these small islands lies in their lichen and rock formations.


  • The Sunken Steam Ship "America": This 185 foot long steamship serviced Isle Royale and the North Shore until 1927, bringing passengers, food and mail to the residents of Minnesota's North Shore, Isle Royale and Thunder Bay, Canada. The bow of the ship is less than 2 feet from the surface, while its stern is over 90 feet down. Lake Superior's cold, clear waters have made the "America" one of the best-preserved wrecks in the world, making this a popular dive site.

  • The Rock of Ages Lighthouse: This lighthouse guards one of the most extensive reefs on the Isle Royale archepelago. In the early 1900s several large steamships fell prey to this area during fall and spring storms. The water depths near this lighthouse range from hundreds of feet to a mere 5 feet deep within a 20 foot span.

  • Washington Harbor: This is a beautiful wooded area of Isle Royale, containing many small islands, abundant wildlife and one of the last commercial fisheries left on Isle Royale. Fisheries research has been carried on from the Washington Island site for a half century. Spawn taken from Lake Trout caught nearby has served to replenish trout stocks for many areas in the Great Lakes.

  • Windigo: This is the second-largest landing area on the island, offering many activities including self-guided nature walks, a visitor's center with a small museum and gift shop, camp stores and a variety of interpretive programs put on by the National Park Service.